Comprehensive Dive Coverage
Nuovo Paradigm brings you the best of both world, bundling travel and comprehensive dive coverage to give you a peace of mind when you are traveling or diving or both.

CDC is backed by experienced insurers and providers to ensure that you are protected by reputable parties and us, Nuovo Paradigm will be your servicing agent.

(CDC)  Comprehensive Dive Coverage is a program consists of DIVE benefits and TRAVEL benefits. Dive
benefit such as chamber, diving accident and medical evacuation are provided. (Travel Details)

Why CDC?

Protecting yourself and your love one while enjoying life is important as you will have peace of mind while you are travelling or diving. This program covers you even in a non-diving trip as AXA take care of your travel benefit.

Nuovo Paradigm is priviledged to be your agents for CDC as we are here to serve. We are experience
in assisting our clients to process claims when situation arises.  We will do our level best to assist you through INDEPTHS and AXA when you have questions toward your plans, especially come to claim issue.

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CDC Dive Benefits

Immediate Emergency Medical Expenses
It means expenses necessarily incurred by the Insured for physician services, physician ordered services, and local emergency medical transportation at the time of the Accident/Injury.

Search and Rescue
Shall means activities authorized and instigated by or on behalf of the local Coast Guard, Police or other National or International .  Emergency service responsible for safety at sea to rescue or save the Insured

Reasonable Transportation Costs and Accommodation Expense means:
  1. The costs to return the Insured to their Ordinary Place of Residence. This cover extends to the Insured’s immediate family (partner and children) and/or travelling companion if the Insured was accompanied by them at the time of the accident/injury if these costs are not covered by a more specific policy and have been agreed by the Claims Administrator the costs to search, recover and repatriate the Insured’s mortal remains.
  2. Post treatment Hotel or Accommodation costs when these are incurred due to medical advice not to travel or fly subsequent to a diving accident/injury if these costs are not covered by a more specific policy.
  3. Costs associated with travelling to and from a hospital or clinic more than 30 miles from your normal place of residence to obtain medical opinion or ongoing treatment after a diving accident or injury incurred under this policy.

Sports Diving
Shall means recreational snorkelling, recreational breath hold Free Diving and Apnoea, spearfishing without the use of Scuba and or recreational diving whilst wearing or using standard manufacturers diving equipment made for the purpose for either SCUBA or surface supply diving and until the Insured stops using and removes said equipment.

Permanent Total Disability
Shall mean disability which entirely prevents the Insured from attending to any business or occupation of any and every kind to which the Insured is suited by way of training or education and lasts 365 days and at the expiration of that period is beyond hope of improvement

Loss of Limb
Means loss or physical separation of a hand at or above the wrist or a foot at or above the ankle and includes total and irrevocable loss of use of hand, arm or leg.

After the Event Medical Expenses means:
  1. Medical expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss after returning home to the address stated to us by the Insured at the time of taking out this insurance for medical physician ordered services, approved medical therapies, medically approved alternative remedies & treatment, PFO tests, and PFO closures when deemed medically necessary and subject to them not being recoverable from any other source.
  2. Other agreed medical and surgical procedures required as a consequence of the injury claimed for under this policy that are covered by another source but are accepted by the Company and/or its Claims Administrator as being unreasonably delayed.
  3. Fitness to return to diving examinations following a covered loss under this policy by an approved diving medical physician agreed by the Company and/or their Claims Administrator.

Click here for detailed policy wording on dive benefits.

Definition of Benefits
Medical Expenses
Reimburses expenses (including cost of emergency
dental treatment) incurred during accident or

Accidental Death & Disablement
Death or disability due to accident

Baggage and Personal Effects
Reimburses for loss of or damage to the Insured’s
baggage, including articles worn or carried (up to
RM500 for any one article or pair or set of articles)                                             

Personal Money & Documents
Reimburses for travel and accommodation expenses
including cost of obtaining replacement passports,
travel tickets and other relevant travel documents.
Loss of money due to theft is covered up to RM800

Baggage Delay
Pays if the Insured checked-in baggage is delayed for
each full 6 consecutive hours (RM200 for every 6
hours) upon arrival at the Insured’s destination

Travel Delay
Pays if the conveyance is delayed from the
scheduled departure time for each full 6
consecutive hours delay (RM200 for first 6 hours
delay and RM300 for every 6 consecutive hours

Cancellation due to the delay
Reimburses for irrecoverable deposits/charges paid
for the cancelled parts of the trip
Loss of Deposit or Cancellation
Reimburses for irrecoverable travel and
accommodation expenses paid in advance

Pays for the ransom payment as a result of
kidnapping and hostage outside Malaysia

Personal Liability
Indemnifies the Insured for legal liability towards
third parties or damage to their property due to the
Insured’s negligence

Emergency Medical Evacuation
Emergency transportation and medical care en route
to move the Insured (in a medical critical condition)
to the nearest hospital

Emergency Medical Repatriation
In an event that the Insured is hospitalized abroad
and it is medically necessary for the Insured to be
repatriated back to Malaysia
to continue treatment,
we will pay in respect of reasonable and necessary
repatriation costs including the reasonable
transportation costs of one qualified medical
attendant accompanying the Insured.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Pays for the cost of burial or cremation in the locality
where death occurs or the expenses of transporting
the mortal remains back to Malaysia     

Click here for detailed policy wording on travel benefits.
Comprehensive Dive Coverage
Package              Annual (RM)         Weekly(RM)
Dive & Travel       RM690                   RM180
Dive Only             RM450                   RM125
Travel Only          RM260 

CDC Package
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