We are now offering ARDiver Team Membership to all divers and non-divers. Membership fee is RM120.00 for a lifetime membership. Membership are non-transferable.
Enjoy up to 20% discounts on our dive trips and courses. Purchase various diving gears and equipment at membership price offered by ARDiver Team and enjoy great savings.
Being a member does not limit yourself to ARDiver Team. You are still free to dive with other groups or purchase equipments from your preferred vendors.

Fill in Your Membership Online Form Here.

Step 1
Make the membership payment of the sum of RM120 to:

Account Name : ARDiver Resources
Bank Name : Maybank
Account Number : 562106630344

Step 2
Once you have make the payment via Cash Deposit or Online Transfer, scan or save your receipt to be email to us. Save in the format PDF,JPEG,JPG,PNG or GIF. Make sure when u scan, the detail is clear to avoid any confusion.

Step 3
Fill in the Online Membership form.

Step 4
Attach the copy of the receipt and submit it.